Your Guide for Small Business Success

My Story

  • Worked on family racecar and always wanted to know how and why it worked.  Inspired me to become mechanical engineer.
  • Graduated with Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Business from University of Tennessee in 2000
  • Worked as engineer in Detroit area specializing in engines and have one US Patent for advanced valvetrain design
    • Loved problem solving aspect of engineering
  • Left engineering career in 2007 and started working at IHM Used Parts as General Manager
  • Taught myself how to run, grow, and market a business effectively or die trying
    • Very blessed to have grown our business over 400% from 2007 to 2014 even during the Great Recession
  • Helped friends and family with their businesses starting in 2015 and really enjoyed it
  • Had a feeling in my gut that I should be using my God given gifts to help people with their business since spring of 2016
  • Started Entreneering in spring 2017

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