Over the past 12 months I had to make some decisions that would effect the long term health of my business. As a start-up I knew I needed to assemble a team of people to help me evaluate and make the right choices for my business and our team.  Decisions like these are not always easy.  Chris was a very knowledgeable and supportive part of this team.  I would recommend Chris to anyone with a small business.

Katie Englert

President, Compass Counseling

Entreneering is a great coaching program and exactly what my developing business needed. Chris is very focused on getting to the essential issues my business was facing and creating concrete steps to accomplish our goals. There is so much to be said for the gained clarity and confidence moving forward from this program.

Eric Romanak

Owner, Seva Fitness Academy

Chris has spent his entire career working, running and succeeding with a small, family-run business. His "engineering" approach to consulting is what makes him successful. If you own a small business I would highly recommend him!

Justin Mason

Land Specialists, Whitetail Properties

Chris is very excited to do business consulting! All he wants is to help people become more profitable and ultimately successful. He has proven himself at IHM in the last ten years. He has grown the parts business tremendously. He is always looking at how to do things better and learning as much as he can about leadership and running a business. He is passionate about this new direction into business consulting. If you are curious to see if all of this is true, just ask him what he is reading lately! In Detroit it was engineering for racing technical books, then the last several years it has switched to engineering for success in leadership and business. This is why "Entreneering" is a natural path for him.

Keisha Hill

Owner, At Home Staging and Design